Client Aspirations
To create a bespoke open plan home where natural light and green technology features. Our client wanted to capture the views over the Bay whilst accommodating a house which would visually link with the farm buildings adjacent.
Site in an Area of outstanding natural beauty; steep inclined hill site; adjacent to large agricultural sheds and farm yard; natural stone context; very exposed site; achieving outline planning approval to allow principal of development on the site.
Our Response
The design concept therefore was to grow the base of the bespoke house as an extension of the existing stone field boundaries, and to cap this with a form and material derived from the language of the adjacent agricultural barn. The main body of the house is at ground level, with the upper corrugated metal element simply containing the master-bedroom, and otherwise folding to emit natural light and offer generosity in height to the ground level spaces below. Orientating its main body parallel to the contours of the site, the house incorporates subtle shifts in level via its two bookend blocks to adapt to the site contours. Utilising the concept of growing the field boundary walls, the dwelling has a more private garden contained within these stone walls, thus offering an intimate, human scaled garden with a sense of enclosure to its western side, in counterpart to its otherwise dramatic and vast views over Carnlough Bay to its East.